This is a kind of cross-post from the MindTouch blog. The original post is about MindTouch hiring. Read that if you’re looking for a job.    

Roy recently started shooting with a Panasonic Lumix GF-1. He’s using a 20mm pancake lens, which I believe is a no-name Zeiss. He recently wrote about the imminent move to new MindTouch offices and shot photos around our current office. Only Roy is more sentimental than me. Or is he? Tim O'BrienTim O’Brien is a MindTouch sales representative. Indeed, Tim is the highest earning MindTouch sales representative. He was one of the very first sales hires and has been with the company for 1.5 years. In this photo Tim is on a call with a customer. This customer generates more than $4.5B in annual revenue. We have an exciting project underway.

Pete Erickson Pete Erickson was a MindTouch contractor before we had any employees. The guy is brilliant. He was at Great Plains before the Microsoft acquisition. Microsoft recognized his talent and made him a crisis ‘firefighter’ of sorts. When I met him he was the CTO for a fiber to the home startup. It’s a joy to work with and to know Pete. Unfortunately, he still lives in Minnesota and I don’t get to see him much, but he is omnipresent at MindTouch.

Maxim MassMax Mass is another of the many brilliant members of MindTouch engineering. He started with MindTouch 3.5 years ago. It was only earlier this week that I realized it’s been that long. It seems like yesterday. I interviewed him over the phone from an airport, the Minneapolis airport if I recall correctly. I remember giggling during the interview while I addressed him by his full name: Maxim Mass. Say it aloud. Corey Ganser and Guerric SloanCorey Ganser is the gentleman on the left and GuerricS is on the right. Corey has performed the following roles at MindTouch: office admin, trainer, sales and support manager; in that order. He has been a MindToucher since the first year of business. Corey is the reason our customers consistently rank MindTouch support 4.75 out of 5 every month, quarter and year. Guerric is responsible for a lot of the user interface at MindTouch. He’s a real engineer from Urbana-Champagne (he couldn’t get into UNC ;-).

The remaining photos weren’t shot by Roy, but I felt compelled to include more faces in my MindTouch blog post and I may as well keep them here.

Damien HowleyDamien Howley is the technical lead for the professional services team at MindTouch. He’s been with us for three years and started as the webmaster. There were fewer than ten of us at MindTouch when Damien started.Sarah CarrSarah Carr is the marketing coordinator at MindTouch. She’s been with us for almost a year.

Roy KimRoy Kim is a fellow UNC alum. He is also the first employee of MindTouch and our VP of Engineering and the photographer of most of these photos. Roy started college at 16 and graduated four years later with a degree in Economics and Chemistry while simultaneously launching a popular blogging/social site that has only suffered from his investment in MindTouch over the last five years.

The first four photos were shot with Roy’s Panasonic Lumix GF-1. Fantastic! Since this is a post about photography, kind of, I want to share a concept Ricky Montalvo shared over Twitter: FART. I know it’s a disgusting acronym. However, it’s a great system for shooting. Maybe we can rename it though.