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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-25

January 25, 2010
  • Growing 100x through inbound marketing – from @ZUrlocker #
  • I'm playing hooky from work and eating breakfast at hash house with my family. Shhhh… #
  • Wow, MindTouch customer has 500,000 page site. I wonder if that's the biggest in terms of quantity of pages. #
  • RT @jeffdachis: Don't forget: Social Business Summit – Thought Leaders and Industry Experts | Austin, London & Sydney | #
  • LOL RT @markfidelman: I have to believe @dahowlett has something to do with the @ShitMyDadSays Author on Facebook #
  • There are tornados in CA? RT @sdtips: RT @TWCi: Tornado warning is in effect for LONG BEACH, CA Please retweet! #
  • "Thr Seven Silly Eaters". -frazee great book. Not as good as "Someday" though. #
  • @bryanthatcher Great to see you too brother. Putting on cal. Ping me with a couple options for meeting up. in reply to bryanthatcher #
  • RT @tweetmeme scoble’s art #
  • @orian Import is np. Email tell them to alert me to your request and ask them this question. in reply to orian #
  • New blog post: – MindTouch is Hiring, A Lot. #
  • @trib perhaps. Send me your thoughts. AaronF@ in reply to trib #
  • @mjasay: "The DMV is society's great leveler. I weep for society." #
  • Wow, turns out Fujitsu is making an announcement about MindTouch at MacWorld. Very cool way to go green. #
  • @gyehuda indeed. in reply to gyehuda #
  • Dear LinkedIn, I would not spam my entire address book if your UI for importing contacts wasn't so broken. Now pls unrestrict my acct. #
  • Exciting. Customers will love this. RT @extentech: Working on Sheetster + MindTouch Integration #
  • I just learned the NSA is a big user of MindTouch. shhh…. #
  • Oh. didn't know. RT @robertmason: @roebot the NSA and CIA came to our booth 2+ years ago @ web 2.0 in SF and told us how much they like MT #
  • I'm rooting for Amazon, but I'm not optimistic | With Rival E-Book Readers, It’s Amazon vs. Apple – #
  • NewsGator Acquires Tomoye: Expands Solution Offering, Markets from @barbmosher #
  • FYI I spam anything with any mention of "Semantics" in it. #
  • I just lent to 14 Bolivian entrepreneurs. Be an active participant in shaping our World, microlend at #
  • @jevon Why aren't you wearing it? Also, I will have u know I customized that shirt myself. I expect photo of u wearing. in reply to jevon #
  • I just finished my deck for the all-hands meeting at MindTouch tmw. I used #
  • Fatal flaw in Amazon's Kindle developer program | The Open Road – CNET News from @mjasay #
  • A sales rep action (email or phone call) currently generates $39.39 in revenue for MindTouch. #
  • Our sales team generates a remarkable amount of weekly activity. 🙂 #
  • Flooding and hail in San Diego. Thunder and lightning last night. #
  • a tea party with @ashbyjulia. 🙂 #
  • I have mastered email. KEEAAI!! #
  • Go forth! Work, produce, consume! #
  • Ahh…Kerouac. Good times. Makes me long for my old Duluth pack and canoe. #
  • Took @AshbyJulia to the ER last night. 103.6 temp spike from nowhere. Cancelled bike today. May need to cancel mtgs in bay area tmw. #
  • @ashbyjulia fever currently under control with both Motrin and Tylenol. #
  • @declan stable and feeling better now. Thanks. in reply to declan #
  • @jevon Still waiting for photos of you in your awesome custom made tshirt. Be assured, that will create a new fad. in reply to jevon #
  • I love seeing MT sales people work on the weekend. #
  • @dougw, @ev If ever there were an exemplary Twitter user useful to newbs as a suggested user it's @Scobleizer. #
  • How many minutes of actual game play are in a football game? You'll be surprised. #

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