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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-08

February 8, 2010
  • @bniemannsr try printing with Aurelia Reporter: in reply to bniemannsr #
  • How Collaborative Networks will Replace Social Networks in the Enterprise #
  • @gyehuda Are we in the same category with each other? I don't think we are. Very different products and target audiences. in reply to gyehuda #
  • @gyehuda Tony should take a look at MindTouch. Tell him I'm happy to personally give him a demo. 🙂 in reply to gyehuda #
  • There's an excellent Fresh Air on the carbon offset market. #
  • Congrats. URL? RT @portalphenom: …launches MindTouch platform for MNC clients, with a focus on proactive ops culture… #
  • @himikel I love that video. 🙂 in reply to himikel #
  • First Listen: Massive Attack, 'Heligoland' : NPR (entire album) Enjoy. #
  • Martin our UK based Channel Mgr is visiting this week. It's exciting to have a MindTouch presence in EU now. #
  • Just learned MindTouch customer HCA is doing some fascinating work on our platform. #
  • @TonyByrne reports MindTouch, Socialtext and Mediawiki same categ. We never see any of these in deals. SharePoint, IBM usually. Ur thoughts? #
  • Glorious! RT @timoreilly: …Sublime HTML 5 video player. Looks awesome. …"Try on Safari (or Chrome), not Firefox." #
  • Congrats MindToucher @robertmason 7lbs12oz, 19.5", beautiful Parise Marie Mason! ("Pah-reese") born yesterday. #
  • Apigee | Free, Self-service API management I can haz apis? #
  • @jedpc @tonybyrne likely doesn't realize that IT guys build apps on mindtouch, federate and cloud enable legacy systems. in reply to jedpc #
  • On my way to SLC for OSGR. #
  • Phx #
  • TAL, Stuff, FreshAir, DemocracyNOW, TWiT. What are some of the podcasts you listen to? Please share. #
  • Point your iphone browser to: iphone tethering….enjoy. #
  • Swa had to dump 7000 lbs of fuel from our plane. Dang overzealous fueler. #
  • Seems dumping 7000 lbs of the 22000 lbs of fuel in this aircraft would be a lot faster. Btw the bugle is a quality podcast. Thx Sal. #
  • RT @vassko: sharetronix microsocial platform inclus translation fn. create a private supertwitter in any language! #
  • And in penis trivia RT @OMGFacts: Iguanas, Koalas and Komodo dragons all have two penises. … More info –> #omgfacts #
  • In SJC for OSGR. @sramji see u at Monaco bar? @reverendted is there now. What's Luke's nick? #
  • SJC smells like onions. #
  • @mjasay I told @ashbyjulia I wud bring back a goat for her. Don't make me a liar. #
  • Drinking a polygamy porter at the Monaco in SJC with @reverendted. Hilarious. It's 3.2 beer. #
  • Report: Facebook and Twitter Slowly Replacing Email #
  • I'll be learning to snow board today at Brighton. wish me luck. #osgr #
  • @lmaugustin apparently plans to drive over vehicles on our way to brighton and has rented a monster truck. #
  • In really disappointed @mjasay picked Brighton which disallows vertical air. Lame. #osgr #
  • I can officially board the bunny hill without falling. Now I'm having a glass of wine and lunch b4 nxt lesson. #
  • @himikel I am withOUT a doubt more reckless cycling. I am not at all reckless snowboarding. Just being on a board is enuf. in reply to himikel #
  • @brianjameshill about to execute this tip. in reply to brianjameshill #
  • Almost to snowbird with @puppetmasterd @sramji And Jose from Jaspersoft. Left early rather than wait for @martenmickos #osgr #
  • @lmaugustin is lame for not joining us at dinner tonight. #osgr #
  • Amazing…nooo….amazing…from @mjasay at #osgr #
  • My last day/night of #osgr concluded. I can carve. Thanks all. And CONGRATS @mjasay #
  • RT @mrhinkle: I just deployed a Amazon EC2 instance for the first time, they need a Geico-like add, so easy even a caveman can do it. #
  • erg, previous tweet about "amazing" wrt @mjasay was about his ridiculously good homemade pies. #
  • RT @podcasthotel: Funny…RT @Kamper: Hey, check out my new Toyota… #
  • @ChoiceVision doubtful. I am the lord of all catan!! in reply to ChoiceVision #

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