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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-19

April 19, 2010
  • Funny how one can reach new heights of "busy" an order of magnitude greater than that which was once thought of as the limit of "busy". #
  • Im in SF for #sugarcon and meetings. Speaking tmw on Social / Collaborative CRM at 11:45. #
  • I tweet time about being busy and lose 10 followers. ppl really don't like whiners. I guess I can't blame them. #
  • @beachmark don't listen to my talk. I'm still getting my deck together. 😉 #sugarcon in reply to beachmark #
  • @heardablescore spam much? Egad! @Twitter needs to ban u. #
  • Presentation completed. #sugarcon On my way to first meeting. Seeing Accenture recruiting on corner of Market and Fremont is kind of cool. #
  • Gorgeous day in SF. Wrapped my #sugarcon pres. Off to nxt mtg. Sugarcon is packed with high value partners and customers. Brb #
  • @heardablescore Great to hear. Thanks. There were 150+ "MindTouch was scanned…". Really annoying. Thanks. in reply to heardablescore #
  • #Sugarcon has been a class quality conf. High value attendees and quality speakers. At party at Academy of Sciences. Thx @lmaugustin. #
  • "Get on to the bus,
    That's gonna take you back to Beelzebub," everytime I'm on a bus those old soul coughing lyrics come to mind. #
  • It was a joy, a joy, having my amazing wife with me at the #sugarcon reception tonight. #
  • I'm in Napa now for the Open Source Think Tank #ostt #
  • Cycling this morn with burkhardt from Ingres. Rally at lobby. #ostt #
  • Have a 22 mi loop planned for cycling this morn. Silverado trail is one leg. #
  • Abs gorgeous 30ish mile cycle in napa. Dry Creek rd loop. Amazing. Took wrong turn tho and almost ended up in Sonoma. #ostt #
  • Btw that 16% grade on oakville grade was awesome. Downhill was Really technical tho. #cycling #napa #ostt #
  • The New Age of Achievement – Part I: A Brief History of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) | I love this. #
  • I'm currently missing the opening of #OSTT because I have a crap-load of critical emails I must get sent. 😦 #
  • #ostt #cycling starts at 6:30am. Rally in front of main lobby. Mark Radcliffe, Roger Burkhardt coming along. We'll b avoiding the 16% grade #
  • This just in, Oracle to open source: "you complete me" – Monica Kumar #ostt #
  • Cadbury egg. Ubuntu. Nuff said. @jonobacon. #ostt #
  • RT @lmaugustin: Great evening at #ostt with @scollison @rduffner @danielchalef @ericabrescia #
  • RT @xgineer: #ff the best around @thedoubleb @jimmyhendricks @KellyAbbott @chriswaldron @LMKevents @brantcooper @momentumdl #qualitypeeps #
  • Touring Charles Shaw winery in napa. 😉 #
  • @jonobacon brought cadbury eggs to dinner and is eyeing me predatorily. #ostt #
  • @jonobacon is now sporting a zune. Gifted from @puppetmasterd. Wow. #
  • RT @danielchalef: Great dinner last night @Artesa. Good to hang w @jonobacon, @lmaugustin, @ericabrescia, @markfidelman, @miriamtuerk #ostt #
  • Bc its so meta RT @jonobacon: ♺ @puppetmasterd: RT @Roebot:@jonobacon is now sporting a zune. Gifted from @puppetmasterd. Wow. #
  • RT @jonobacon: ♺ @Roebot: Bc its so meta RT @jonobacon: ♺ @puppetmasterd: RT @Roebot:@jonobacon is now sporting a zune. Gifted from… #

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