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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-07

June 7, 2010
  • Watching "the road" with Tara. We're both such weinies now that we're parents. #
  • @chriswaldron (et al) I have not read "The Road". While I read 3-4 books a month I don't often read fiction. in reply to chriswaldron #
  • Just returned from a 30 mi cycle into the Otay Preserve. What a gift. I highly recommend Zencast (podcast) as a cycling companion. #
  • @calmo There is a converter. What in particular makes u want 2 migrate to MindTouch? #
  • Takeaways from this qtrs closed:won and pipeline. Top indstrs: Healthcare, Financial Services, Media, Mfging, Energy (roughly in that order) #
  • @calmo Thanks. What's the use case, industry, etc? Feel free to email me if you like Aaron at in reply to calmo #
  • I'll be in Austin, TX tmw. Dallas, TX the next day. #
  • A tagline FOR MindTouch created BY a MindTouch customer ( “I got silos but no conveyors. Gonna be a lean winter.” LOL #
  • @dpenton would love to. Not sure about avail. email me aaron at and CC MarcD at pls. in reply to dpenton #
  • LOL RT @chrismessina: RT @incanus77: Sarah Palin says the Gulf spill is evidence we should be drilling in ANWR. #
  • @jaygoldman oh my gosh I love that color! #BAD666 updating now in reply to jaygoldman #
  • @kangamono #BADDAD just added as 2nd color (gradient) to header at in reply to kangamono #
  • Any suggestions for RV rental? I'm roadtripping the family to OSCON. San Diego to Portland. Would be awesome to RV. #
  • @sdether RVing with CruiseAmerica from SAN to PDX and back for OSCON is obscenely expensive. 😦 Maybe the Odyssey can tow something. in reply to sdether #
  • @puppetmasterd plan on it. I hope the twins are doing great. in reply to puppetmasterd #
  • I missed the absurd amer air 30 min cut off. If I'm over 25min b4 flt I'm annoyed. Still managed to talk my way on. SAN missing SWA. #
  • Attending the #E2conf in Boston?@MindTouch and @centraldesktop r hosting a VIP wine event. DM or @ me for dtls. #
  • Hey whadyaknow, I'm in the South again. It's been a long time. I didn't realize how southern this city is. #AUS #
  • Why I will never live in TX, Austin or otherwise, it's 90deg and 100% humidity. Wth. #
  • @SameerPatel @ChristySeason that's pretty typical. #
  • Getting a demo of the Dachis Group Collaboratory. Built on MindTouch. Fantastic work by @bmenell: sales pipeline, signals, corp iniat mgmnt. #
  • Meeting with mindtouch partner @wiikno. They've built social biz products/platforms for cisco, USA cyber security, Target, etc. #
  • An awesome @wiikno project Natl Cyber Security #
  • Just arrived at The Salt Lick. #
  • Just arrived at The Salt Lick. With @cote and others. #
  • @LLiu ask them at #e20conf they'll surely be happy to elaborate and demo. #
  • @mccrory I was married in NOLA in reply to mccrory #
  • There was a bug in my bed at the Driskill Hotel . I feel like I should be alarmed. Alas, I am in the South again. #
  • @mccrory Louis XVI in reply to mccrory #
  • Leaving AUS for Dallas partner mtgs now. #
  • @mccrory Hattiesburg. in reply to mccrory #
  • @mccrory Hattiesburg MS indeed. in reply to mccrory #
  • Sigh…back in paradise. 70F and sunny. #SAN #
  • I didn't know they made "Factotum" into a movie. That was a good book. #
  • Ooh I see miguel de icazovich @migueldeicaza will be attending the @MindTouch @CentralDesktop Wine event at #e20conf #
  • Ooh I see miguel de icazovich @migueldeicaza will be attending the @MindTouch @CentralDesktop Wine event at #e20conf #
  • @Bjorg's platfom 360 for MindTouch partners, ISVs, OEMs and VARS #
  • Collaborative CRM: The Center of the Enterprise 2.0 Universe | presented Sugarcon 2010 #
  • » AT&T Data Usage Trend Aaron Roe(bot) Fulkerson #
  • Getting Taras marathon bib for tmw. #
  • Just drove the marathon course for tara with the family. Looking forward to cycling 60+ miles tmw and cheering her on. #
  • Beginning to pack my bag to provide marathon support via my bike for Tara. 🙂 #
  • Looking for Some Good Weekend Reading? Try (via @rww) #
  • RT @TechCrunch Startups: Poverty is Underrated. Be Glad That You’re Not Rich #
  • Tara has a 15 mi head start. Let's see how quickly I can catch up to her. #rnr #marathon #cycling #
  • Tara Boone has started the race at 06:37:05. First split will be at the 5k mark. – go tara!!!! #
  • #rnr #marathon #
  • Taras doing great. #

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