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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-21

June 21, 2010
  • using MindTouch to create clean markup for Evernote in order to plan my family roadtrip up CA and OR coast for #OSCON #
  • OSCON family road trip North mostly planned. SAN -> Berkeley. Then camping: Humbug Mt, Beachside and Champoeg. Then arrive Portland. #
  • @nsurendran @transitiontowns platform 360: #
  • Why don't usery laws apply to bank ATM fees? #
  • Why don't usery laws apply to bank ATM fees? #
  • Just had opened up for more attendees. RSVP while u can. #e2conf #
  • MindTouch, powering the next generation enterprise: Booz Allen: DachisGroup: #e2conf #
  • We're likely to run out of space for the @MindTouch & @centraldesktop wine event tmw again. If u need axs ping me or @isaacgarcia #e2conf #
  • Taking off from SAN for #e2conf in Boston. #
  • 🙂 RT @amahi: @Roebot Congrats on the Booz Allen account! One more for Open Source! #
  • Landing at Logan. Running 40mins late. Southwest had to replace the windshield wiper in CHI. #
  • My iPhone is incapable of making a phone call from the Westin. #e2conf #att #
  • LOL so true. Why _do_ they try. RT @chrisbrogan: Last note: no one ever wins a fight with a gate agent, but many people try. #
  • @LLiu GREAT seeing you. i've missed having you at events. #
  • @migueldeicaza You sir…are a pleasure to drink with. in reply to migueldeicaza #
  • Wine 2.0 event 2nt (@CentralDesktop and @MindTouch) was fantastic with attendees from @Forrester @Gartner @Alfresco Booz @Dachis @Wiikno.. #
  • Great to hear. #e2conf RT @thesaulter: setting up my company's first intranet. Using MindTouch and it's actually pretty great. #
  • It did….RT @the_spinmd: Thght this said "MindTouch serves Booz to Enterprise" RT @mputerbaugh23 #
  • 6 Ways Smart Technical Communicators Will Become Invaluable | MindTouch, Inc Blog #
  • Moderating the innovation case studies panel #e2conf with AXA, Adobe and Metlife who use MindTouch, Brightidea and Spigit respectively. #
  • Thx for coming RT @dhinchcliffe: Great photo of @Roebot last night at the excellent Wine 2.0 #e2conf #
  • Adobe with brightidea RT @bpluskowski: @maurermomma: Getting ideas from user community allows you to learn their vocab. #e2conf #
  • MetLife is using Spigit RT @jsalvatella: MetLife presenta InnovatelTG "program for engaging our ITG associates" #e2conf #
  • RT @joningham Like the Innovation session panel format (short presentations) better than the long Q&A ones #e2conf #
  • I suppose MindTouch should announce the innovation portal AXA is using so succesfully since Nov 2009. #e2conf #
  • RT @dhinchcliffe: Good shot of @frogpond, @leebryant, and @roebot mind-melding on the last day of #e2conf #
  • @bpluskowski yes. A product. in reply to bpluskowski #
  • @bpluskowski rather MindTouch has a highly customizeable innovation portal module. This is what AXA is using. in reply to bpluskowski #
  • @bpluskowski I'll make sure we brief u when we annc this. MindTouch 2010 is first tho. Coming July 14. in reply to bpluskowski #
  • RT @timoreilly: RT @SteveCase Economy down, volunteering up: Americans spent 100M more hours in #volunteer lst yr #
  • Congrats @swylie650 RT @amcafee: From WSJ: "Enterprise 2.0 Goes Mainstream…" #e2conf #
  • Trailblazing. RT @annegentle: Intense writing (& hard thinking) this week about content curation [Analytics] for MindTouch's next release. #
  • @melanie_seibert u have a lovely blog theme. Striking, given your domain. 🙂 #
  • I checked in at San Diego International Airport (3225 N Harbor Dr) on #Yelp #
  • I plan to buys some Vuvuzelas for MindTouch HQ. Hrmmm…where to order… #
  • It's unfortunate that "rat's ass" is a term that has fallen into disuse. #
  • "in the pursuit of knowledge, everyday sormething is gained. In the pursuit of freedom, everyday something is let go." #
  • Tara bought me skydiving for Fathers' Day. So excited. #
  • Tara and I have been married for 11 years today. 🙂 #
  • I'm tempted to hollar "FREEBIRD!" at the Jazz quintet. #
  • Happy fathers day everyone. #
  • Happy first day of Summer to all. #

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