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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-26

July 26, 2010
  • Checked into PDX. I plan to attend the CloudCamp tonight. When and where is it? #OSCON #
  • @aaronblew @krishnan thx in reply to aaronblew #
  • I'm at the Oregon Convention Center. #CloudCamp starts soon. I intend to do some damage to my inbox. #OSCON #
  • Podcast with Keith Shaw of NetworkWorld today. Then lunch with Nate Damico of SiliconAngle. #OSCON #MindTouch2010 #
  • RT @MindTouch: #OSCON Visit the MindTouch booth #105 crash our BoF (, attend our party ( #
  • @lmaugustin MindTouch party thurs night. 🙂 in reply to lmaugustin #
  • Great dinner with MindTouch customer. Now out with 8 other MindTouchers. Currently at rogues. #oscon #
  • Owning @fdb and @woody at darts. Losers. #
  • @fdn poser. Internet pretender. in reply to fdn #
  • MindTouch booth #105 has the BEST tshirt at #OSCON #
  • Via @SaraD PayPalX DevChallenge grand prize $100k. for details. Discussing integrating payments and open source. #oscon #
  • Talking with a lot of MindTouch users and customers at #oscon Eg- just learned ValueClick is a big user. #
  • RT @honging: I love it when I hear "we already use #mindtouch quot; here at #oscon – stop by booth 105! #
  • Drinks at Teardrop Lounge with @puppetmasterd. Good times. #oscon #
  • @sogrady when I type your twitter nick my iPhone corrects it as "dogface". #
  • @craigbox defnly do. in reply to craigbox #
  • New Pages and Comments Moderator Dashboards #
  • RT @annegentle Must Help Pages Live Forever? #
  • Just recorded a podcast with @shawkeith about the strategic importance of product and services docs for companies. Live Aug 2 NWW Panorama. #
  • Our pleasure. 🙂 RT @tom_eric: Thanks to @Roebot and @Mindtouch for sponsoring the @Drupal booth at OSCON #
  • Getting a new tire and tube at Veloshop and then heading to #OSCON #
  • Wow the MindTouch sponsored Linux Fund party is in a….errrr….colorful neighborhood. #oscon #
  • I checked in at Barracuda (9 NW Second Ave) on #Yelp #
  • My voice is gone from all the talking at #oscon Driving back to SAN. Stopping Medford and SFO along the way. #
  • We stopped for the night in Ashland OR. It gorgeous here. #
  • Just crossed back into the homeland. #
  • Rolling into San Francisco. Staying with the family at Troy's place in SOMA tonight. #
  • Apparently Golden Gate Bridge lanes are closed due to a potential suicide attempt. 😦 #
  • I'm 35 today. Almost middle aged. I'll share some birthday wisdom later today after I've had some coffee. 🙂 #
  • @DarinRMcClure just leaving SFO with family by car. Wrapping up 2300ish roadtrip. in reply to DarinRMcClure #
  • Anyone know what happened with the potential jumper on the Golden Gate yesterday? Can't find any news and hoping he was talked off. #
  • @ZoliErdos not so sure. There is almost a jump a week. They don't publish so as to not encourage. in reply to ZoliErdos #
  • Grapevine #
  • It seems like Kim Jong Il is still chaffing from the World Cup. #
  • @jsaaby you need the MindTouch 2010 new one. 🙂 in reply to jsaaby #

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