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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-13

September 13, 2010
  • RT @building43 The future of the pen? #
  • @ipols Thanks. I couldn't find the off setting and instead rmed access from twitter. I like the service, but seems most useful to paper ownr in reply to ipols #
  • Last chance to sign up for today's Platform v10 Webinar @1030 am psd End Collaboration Frustration. #techcomm #
  • Google pits the law against its open source designs /cc @feedly #
  • LOL RT @defrag: suddenly I find myself hoping that Mark Hurd counter-sues HP. And then maybe Dell and 3Par just for good measure. #
  • Just ran 3miles. That makes 5.75 in last few days. Physical therapy seems to be working. 🙂 #
  • Tough night with @Roesevelt. Poor kid is feeling awful. Off to the Dr for him today. As for me, I have got to get to work. #
  • Collaboration in Context video with @dberlind Oldy, but goody. Starts slow, but gets really good about 4:40 #
  • RT @dachisgroup Social signals and dog tricks « Dachis Group Collaboratory #
  • Been a bit, some new MT customers: Panasonic, HP, Hydro Quebec, City of Boston, SAIC, Comcast, Kaplan, Alcatel-Lucent, USITC, Valassis, LPK #
  • Leonard Cohen Pandora station is well in sync with my mood today. #
  • @DarinRMcClure we r a sponsor of lavacon. Alas, I will be in France meeting with MindTouch partners at that time. U going? in reply to DarinRMcClure #
  • @kim IT Crowd is awesome. in reply to kim #
  • RT @chrisblizzard: 85 Fires burning in Detroit? At once? Insane. #
  • @mputerbaugh23 why don't you get his office chairs dude. MT could use them and that ad is awesome. in reply to mputerbaugh23 #
  • @scottabel Quark does something in the content space? Isn't that a sub-atomic particle/ in reply to scottabel #
  • Rapportive is 10x more useful than Gist (in gmail) and likely required 1/10 the engineering. Simple elegance. #
  • ThinkGeek :: Atari Wall Decals | ThinkGeek Robots are way cooler than current MT robots. 😦 Scroll down for zombies. #
  • Via @nprnews: Deep Read: Nassim Taleb (The Black Swan Guy) | – avoid risk, avoid debt. #
  • Via Planet Money : 'Traders, Guns & Money' | | on derivatives. #
  • Just finished a 4 mile run with the entire family. #goodtimes now to work. #
  • Another new MindTouch customer: launching a MindTouch Collaborative Intranet, just like Dachis Group. #
  • Swype on Android is AMAAAAZING. Makes me want an Android. Amaaaazing! #
  • Another new MindTouch customer: using MT 2010 w/ content moderation for #techcomm #
  • @robocolumn the lack of innovation in the tools for #techcomm space over the last 10+ years. in reply to robocolumn #
  • RT @scottabel: 49% of eBook readers are bought as gifts #ebook #xml #techcomm #publishing #ipad #kindle #
  • Sales reps want their customers twtd 🙂 More MT cstmrs: DeanFoods (intranet) and ClevelandClinic (KB) #
  • Sincere thanks for sharing. 🙂 RT @frankhardy: …Thanks so much… for MindTouch – it makes knowledge management soooo much easier. #
  • @frankhardy We have an anncmnt next week you will love. New MT customer using MT for amazing public community. 🙂 in reply to frankhardy #
  • Permissions, Users, Groups, Roles, and Spaces in MindTouch This is ENTERPRISE software. (video) #
  • As Record Growth Continues, MindTouch Appoints New CFO (press release) #
  • @kangamono Are you coming back? 🙂 in reply to kangamono #
  • Watched "GI JOE: Rise of Cobra". Dude, I'm sorry, but this is a good movie!! 3/5 stars. Maybe it's my childhood memories… #
  • RT @mikeolson: Hadoop at GE. #
  • Do-gooders get voted off island first: People don't really like unselfish colleagues, psychologists find #
  • Ugh. Best wishes all… RT @JAdP: #SanBrunoFire 53 homes lost 120+ damaged 200+ people evacuated – fires still burning #
  • Huge explosion in San Bruno #
  • Glad to hear. Thanks for attending RT @ellispratt: I did like the Mindtouch 2010 presentation yesterday – very interesting #
  • RT @cmswire: MindTouch's Record Growth Forces Need for a Full Time CFO #
  • RT @jeffdachis: Double Rainbow @dachisgroup – Whoa! What does it mean? #
  • RT @wired: Check out Earth’s most stunning natural fractal patterns – #
  • It's @damienh's 30th bithday. At some lame bar with MTers. DJ has no cat Stevens or van Morrison. #
  • "…symbolizes everything that disgusts me! Obviousness, unoriginal macho energy." #
  • @JAdP Wow, that's a lot of tags! in reply to JAdP #
  • Tara is off on another 14mile run. Kids seem to be feeling better. Good news for me. #
  • @cote I only known where the free bodice ripper books are. Alas, I've now read them all. in reply to cote #
  • Tara is back from here 14 mile run. My turn to do 4 miles. #
  • My garmin 310xt is stupid hard to set the activity. Evidently it think I'm skiing rather than running. #
  • Just finished 6 mile run. Knee a little sore. Need more PT. #
  • NPR: Bipartisan Tax Overhaul Faces Uphill Battle. $0-More at #
  • RT @Roebot: NPR: Bipartisan Tax Overhaul Faces Uphill Battle. $200 Billion spent annually on FILING taxes. -More at #
  • NPR: Cleaning Up Sept. 11 Ashes Was 'Like A Communion'-More at #
  • NPR: On 9/11, Bloomberg Considers The Constitution-More at #
  • Spontaneously took the family to Disneyland this morning. #

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