Two books that will change how you think about humans and the world


I love to read. Mostly I use because my travel and exercise schedule make it easy for me to squeeze in as many books as possible. Every year I have a couple stand out books that I enjoy gifting to key advisors and mentors as a token of my gratitude for their help and advice over the year. 2015 was a great year for reading and there were so many great books that I had a tough time making my selection. While there were many stand-outs last year the two that topped my list were:

Excellent reads! Both were mind bending. These books changed how I think about human nature, the nature of “progress” and the macroeconomics of business empires.

Here are some other great books from last year that stand out in my memory:

I hope you enjoy the reads. Please let me know your best reads of 2015 too.

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