Aaron Fulkerson is a technology executive that has helped: create successful teams, launch new software categories, product manage software used by many millions, forge profitable partnerships with some of the world’s largest tech companies, build inside and enterprise sales teams, and cultivate effective, caring, and loyal cultures.


Aaron Fulkerson is one of the Founders, the former CEO, and a Board Member of MindTouch. Aaron co-founded MindTouch as an open source project that quickly became one of the World’s most popular with thousands of daily downloads. He helped turn this free software project into a successful SaaS company that serves many of the World’s most respected brands and provides self-service support to millions every day. Aaron worked at Microsoft in Advanced Strategies and Policies. He has keynoted many conferences on the topics of entrepreneurship, leadership, management, and technology. He has been published by Forbes, CNN, Fortune, and many technology publications. Aaron has informed national policy for higher education at the White House. He has helped to create education-focused non-profits for underserved communities. Aaron tackles everything with the same mantra: Be big, be kind, and kick ass. You can follow Aaron on Twitter @roebot and on LinkedIn at http://www.linkedin.com/in/aaronfulkerson.

Learn more about my thoughts on giving/helping here: https://aaronfulkerson.com/2018/06/15/helping-sells-podcast/

Long BioAaron Fulkerson

I am a founder, Board Member, and the former Chief Executive Officer of MindTouch, which began as a popular open source business application and collaboration platform used by millions. The company is privately held. My friend and business partner, Steve Bjorg, and I started the company in 2005. In two years we built the company from a small open source project into one of the World’s most popular and positioned it first in collaboration and in the top 5 projects overall (source: SourceForge.net).

Today MindTouch is cloud software or software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering that is used by millions all over the world. MindTouch is a content-driven customer engagement platform that helps companies to educate prospective buyers, increase user adoption and to create product experts.

Before MindTouch, I owned and operated a technology consultancy that provided digital strategy and implementation for small and medium-sized businesses. I helped to start a few non-profits that provided service to underserved at-risk communities. Specifically, these included TOP-CAT where I helped to launch about a dozen community technology centers (still in operation), Tutoring at a Distance and an adult computer training program. I was awarded the Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship. I attended the University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill where I received my B.S. in Computer Science.

Microsoft recruited me out of college and I worked for a small research team in Advanced Strategies and Policies. My work was on a large scale distributed systems where I had the honor of working with Chuck Thacker (creator of the first Graphical User Interface at Xerox PARC), Henrik Frystyk Nielsen (worked on HTTP and co-write SOAP specification), my current business partner (Steve Bjorg) and about ten other equally impressive individuals who do not yet have Wikipedia articles written about them. Strangely, there is a Wikipedia article about me.

I was a founding member and advisor to the Outercurve Foundation (formerly CodePlex Foundation), an organization sponsored by Microsoft that was tasked with enabling the exchange of code and understanding among software companies and open source communities. This later led to the open-sourcing of the .NET framework and many other core Microsoft technologies.

I was the editor to MCGraw Hill’s “Enterprise 2.0 Implementation: Integrate Web 2.0 Services into Your Enterprise“. I have contributed as a blogger and writer to Fortune Magazine, Forbes Magazine, GigaOm OSTATIC, LinuxInsider, CMSwire, ReadWriteWeb, and TechWeb Internet Evolution. I am also a published poet in both print and online journals. My photographs have been used by a variety of media outlets, most notably the Wall Street Journal (blog), and I have sold my photography for stock production usage. Although, I don’t really consider myself I photographer. I’m just a dude who has taken a lot of photos.

I speak at conferences and Universities on the topics of education, enterprise software, entrepreneurship, customer service, open source, and business. October 5, 2010 I was invited to speak at the White House Summit on Education (full photo set) that was organized by Jill Biden. President Obama delivered the keynote. I had the honor of discussing new education strategies and innovative partnerships with businesses and communities colleges with a small, but  illustrious group of people that included:  Melinda Gates, Vice President Joe Biden,  Jill Biden, Bill Green (CEO/Chairman of Accenture), the former Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, the former Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis, the former United States Poet Laureate Kay Ryan, and others.

In May, 2011 I was honored with an invitation from President Sarkozy of France to attend the e-G8 Summit. The e-G8 Summit preceded the G8 Summit in Deauville on May 26 and 27. The purpose of the e-G8 was to inform the G8 leaders by gathering the world’s top

Aaron Fulkerson

Internet and digital leaders. I wrote two articles about the event for ReadWriteWeb: What Will e-G8 Create: Solutions or More Cynicism? and e-G8: “The Future of the Internet Wasn’t invited”. I also wrote about the experience briefly at my personal blog (Flickr photo set).

In 2008 I was cited as one of seven “Leading Corporate Social Media Evangelists“. In 2009 I was awarded a “Most Inspiring CEO” award by the San Diego Business Journal. In March of 2010, I was identified the forty-sixth “Most Powerful Voice in Open Source” albeit by MindTouch; however, it was quantitatively analyzed using third party tools. 2010 MindTouch was awarded “Best Workplaces” by the San Diego Business Journal. 2009 I was listed as in the “Most Admired CEO” by the San Diego Business Journal. In 2015 and 2016, MindTouch won the “SAP Global ISV Partner of the Year”. 2016 I was one of the Ernst and Young “Entrepreneurs of the Year” Finalist for Southern California. In 2017, MindTouch made the JMP “Hot 100 Privately Held Software Companies”. In 2017, I was listed as one of the “Most Influential Business Leaders” by the San Diego Business Journal.


The first two interviews are below are audio. Both of these will give you a really good idea about who I am.