MidTown Global Market

Midtown Market (34)Midtown Market (12)Having only lived in the Twin Cities for just over two years now I had heard of an ethnic market in South Minneapolis on more than a few occaisions, but we hadn’t visited it until today. The Midtown Global Market [d] is an internationally-themed public market featuring fresh and prepared foods, ethnic restaurants, and vendors of arts and crafts from around the world. Ron and J.J. mentioned the market a week or so ago and Tara and I figured we should check it out. Ashby loves being out and about. She is really into people watching. We didn’t make it to the market until 3:30 PM today (Sunday); so, it was pretty slow, but it was really fun. We had some food at Safari, which was some type of African/Island fusion that was just wonderful! We got some proscuitto and a couple types of salamis (still not the same as being in Italy). Also, I had a great cup of coffee at Mapps Tea and Coffee, which was truly one of the best cups of Joe I have had in some time. Finally, some Latina took to the center stage in the market and provided us with some lovely music and enterntainment that Ashby danced to as she watched this darling chica with some maracas. I’d like to know the history of the building. It looks like an old grain exchange or something. I didn’t see any historical plaque on it though. I hear there are several other ethnic markets in the Midtown neighborhood.

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