DekiWiki Germinate 1.0

To all my CS buddies out there who periodically read my personal blog I want to make sure you check out the following program I’m kicking off over at See below:

MindTouch DekiWiki Germinate v.1.0

MindTouch wants you!

We want to enlist the help of the Gardeners (you) in steering the development of DekiWiki.

What's in it for you?

Aside from gratitude and a smug piece of mind knowing that you're making a great project even better, the Gardener (submitter) whose feature is selected will receive a Video iPod tm and as much fame as can provide.

We're excited about reviewing your ideas! This is a unique opportunity for you to impact a software application that is currently powering almost 40,000 sites (as of October 24, 2006).


For more information and to provide your submissions visit here.