Ashby's First Christmas

Christmas was a tad somber this year. Our impending move to San Diego has definitely put a damper on the season for the Boone family. It has been difficult for Tara and her family. Brenda came down to Shoreview for a few days with Tara, Ashby, and I. Then on Christmas day we all drove up to the North Shore of Lake Superior (just north of Duluth) and spent the day at the Boone's house. Ashby made out like a bandit of course. She woke up an hour early Christmas morning as if she knew what was going on. The first few gifts we opened with here were a bit confusing for her. She got the hang of it pretty quickly though and finally was simply bored with all the 'stuff' she was having to unwrap. She is really enjoying the musical table Brenda got her. Julie and Paul bought her a beautiful pink dress, which we've already used in a photo shoot (photos to follow). Grandma Roe sent her many many gifts. She especially appreciates the plastic farm animals. I'm sure I'm forgetting gifts sent to her by others, but this is all I can recollect right now. I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season.

Christmas 2006 038 Christmas 2006 031
Christmas 2006 032 IMG_0109
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