What happened to 60 Minutes?

I was once fond of 60 Minutes. I just watched <time-shifted> the 60 Minutes interview with Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad from last Sunday (September 22, 2007) in which Scott Pelley “interviews” Ahmadinejad. What a farce. That wasn’t an interview. This was an attempt to publicly ostracize the radical Ahmadinejad. The result was making this radical anti-semitic Islamic religious nut seem like the moderate and well-reasoned of the two. Pelley you’re a moron! My God. Way to go. You smug prick. Are you working for an Iranian PR firm? You may as well be. Here is the transcript. To fully appreciate it you have to see Pelley’s condescending grin as he proudly proclaims he is “quoting George W. Bush directly for the record” whom he declares to be “without question” a very pious and learned leader. So I inserted learned bit, but it’s certainly implied. It takes a special kind of prick to make Ahmadinejad look rational. When did 60 Minutes become a propaganda mouth piece for the United States? You’ve lost my viewership Pelley. You frickin’ dong.