Crashing the party

Aaron Fulkerson photo by Brian SolisI crashed the DEMO cocktail party. Steve and I presented at DEMO last year and this year I have some friends officially attending the event. It’s in town; so I stopped by. I met some “famous” people who are bloggers. Turns out some “famous” bloggers don’t like technologists who upset their world view. Who knew? Specifically, it seems I’ve angered a prominent blogger, or two, whose day-jobs are as software entrepreneurs. As a result I’ve had a few in the “famous” A-list blogger crowd turned loose on me. Dag nabbit! Periodically I bump into these guys who relish telling me that I’ve insulted their close and personal friend. ?!? How? Because we kick ass? This competitor had a three year head start and we’re squashing them. Hell, if it weren’t for the <back-handed-compliment>prominence of the head of the company no one would even know of them..</back-handed-compliment>

I was introduced to this Shel Israel dude at the party. His name sounded familiar. I wasn’t real sure who he was, but he sounded familiar. I gather he’s well known, maybe even “famous”. He asked what I did. I told him MindTouch develops the world’s greatest wiki. He said something about a competitor. I said: yes, I really appreciate his hard work <sincerely I do>. However, we’re seeing over 600 installs a day to their 20. Shel Israel then made some snide comment about my tattoo. He took the time to point out that tattoos are in violation of Jewish law. I have a tattoo in Hebrew that is sometimes visible. ?!? LOL, You should see the one on my ass, it’s a beaut! 😉 (I thought to myself) He then informed me I insulted his close and personal friend <the competitor> and politely stomped off. I’m summarizing and I’m omitting the B-list blogger who presented me with a shockingly similar exchange and who referenced Shel. Funny stuff really. Anyway, I guess Shel didn’t like the cold hard facts of our 40 to 1 adoption rate differential. Facts suck. I wish everything could be spun. Later that night I approached Shel again and I sincerely tried to make nice. He’s “famous” man! He could make me! Ok, yes my intensity _can_ be misinterpreted. I believe it was. Again the dude was, at best, curt. Indeed the woman standing with us apologized to me. I assume on his behalf.

Graeme and Marc will be covering DEMO. Keep up with the event on their respective blogs. These guys may not act like royalty, but they are class acts and good solid journos. The only insight I have to offer about company’s at te event is that while at the party I met the dudes who are doing FeedHub. Cool concept. I’m testing it out now. We’ll see how well they do this.

Anyway, crashing the party was fun. DEMO is cool. Perhaps I’ll meet you while crashing a party near you. 😉

Photo credit: Brian Solis