Vacationing while San Diego burns

Wow. I leave town with the family for a much needed vacation and SoCal bursts into flames. That sucks. Even a MindTouch-er has been evacuated: Ken. Also, Henry, my oldest friend was being evacuated last I heard, but I haven’t heard from him for a couple days now. Everyone is safe, it seems, but everyone at MindTouch, as you might suspect, has friends and family being affected. Tara especially knows many families through her parent/moms groups and classes. We wish everyone the best.

We plan to head south Friday and intend to get home Saturday. I figured we could give Ashby a break from the drive somewhere. With about a million evacuated I’m not sure which the best route is. We’re in Tahoe right now; so the best route I can figure is here. This assumes that, at least, three fires are cleared up by Friday and Hwy 15 is open. I’m sure they will be, but if they are not I have no idea how we’re getting into town.

Thanks to folks like Nate Ritter I can tune in on twitter. Also, here are some useful maps:

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Credit to Mitch Wagner at Thanks Nate and Mitch. I hope everyone is safe and well.


After posting here I realized MindTouch Deki Wiki could be pretty useful here. So, I put together an aggregation page and posted about it. I hope it helps.

San Diego Fires | MindTouch Blog
Today was the first day I’ve had an Internet connection other than my phone and I just finished quickly throwing together this wiki page as a resource for the San Diego and Southern California fires. I hope it helps some folks. It’s aggregating a bunch feeds, vids, photos, maps mashups, etc in one central location and should provide a fairly comprehensive resource. Feel free to add to it. Nate Ritter and others have put many technologies into action to help out. I’m basically just pulling in their work. Thanks Nate, KPBS, the Governor’s office, and others. Best of luck to everyone.