Please get well Marc

Marc Orchant

At some time between 7:30 and 8:10 AM on Sunday Morning December 2nd, 2007 Marc Orchant sustained a massive heart attack while working in his home office. Marc’s good friend and colleague Oliver Starr has the full story.

I don’t know what to say. This troubles me so very deeply. I’m really torn up by this. Since founding MindTouch and hitting the technology conference circuit a couple years ago Marc Orchant is one of the most wonderful people I’ve met. Marc is an amazing guy. Marc is sincere, kind, and hella smart. I had a long phone call with him, I think, just last Friday night while he picked up, and then ate Chinese take-out with his son, Jason. I’m so damn thankful I gave Marc a big hug at Defrag a few weeks ago. This guy has been a friendly face I have always looked forward to seeing and to speaking with. He has made so many intros for me. He’s been an informal mentor. Marc in many ways took my obnoxious, punk ass in and helped me in ways he probably doesn’t even realize. I’m so deeply saddened by this i don’t even know how to react other than this stupid blog post.

Please, get well Marc.

To Marc’s family: My family’s thoughts are with you. Please ask Oliver or someone to post somewhere if you have _any_ needs that myself or the community can help with.

To everyone else: If you wish to send flowers, cards, or anything else for support, Marc is at:

Presbyterian Hospital
Cardiac Care Unit Bed #3
1100 Central Ave SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106

The hospital switchboard number is 505-841-1234.

Update: Marc’s status and comments are now being posted at a new URL.

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