ValleyWag: Celebritards: Fake Bono draws real pitches

Celebritards: Fake Bono draws real pitches
I finally got the story behind Bono’s alleged appearance at the Demo tradeshow last year. MindTouch cofounder Aaron Fulkerson recruited the singer from a U2 tribute band …

Ugh, the E-Entertainment TV of the tech blog-o-sphere. I think I just puked in my mouth.

Ok, so you eavesdrop, you write it up…ok fine. Whatever. At least you actually got the facts straight and did the research, found Pavel, etc…but wtf, no link love for MindTouch?

Update: Dude, shows you what I know. This wasn’t eavesdropped I actually took the time to talk to Mr. Valleywag himself? It wasn’t until I saw Solis’ post that I realized this. Here’s a photo of me from the Stirr event (credit: Solis):

Aaron Fulkerson