Oil BJs?


Brita’s new ad campaign is…well…genius, if you ask me. It reads:

Last year 16 million gallons of oil were consumed to make plastic water bottles.


Also from Treehugger via the Aesthetic Poet:

“If just one in 10 Americans used public transportation daily, U.S. reliance on foreign oil would decrease 40 percent.”

One would think a stat like that would inspire government and citizens to do whatever they could to enhance and/or develop public transportation within their centers, yet the status-quo persists. In fact, it’s worsening here in Southern California where there is much talk about the High Occupancy Vehicle lanes (carpool lanes) that are being considered for sale to private companies to turn into toll roads. Hrmm…taking publicly funded infrastructure and making it private so a monopoly can be created that will guarantee an inferior product. That makes no sense. Or as his been the case for many years, the state government in California has been trying to pave over state parks to createpuroplastic unnecessary highways in a poorly veiled attempt to open up choice parks to wealthy developers.

Finally, while I’m on a green kick, this comes by way of The Tyee.ca:

North America uses 60 per cent of the world’s paper cups, 130 billion of them per year. Those cups require about 50 million trees and 33 billion gallons of water, which could sequester 9.3 million tonnes of CO2 and quench 550,000 drought-stricken citizens of the state of Georgia, without even asking them to lower their ridiculous consumption rate of 166 gallons per day.

I feel so dirty. I need a nice reusable mug that I can carry in my backpack so when I bike by the coffee shop on the way to work I’m not contributing to this madness.