A bit chilly tonight

Portrait of an elderly John Adams by Gilbert S...

It’s a bit chilly tonight here in San Diego. I finished Robert A. Heinlein’sStranger in a Strange Land” this evening. It was a good read. Sex, religion, money, art…cast with a SciFi backdrop. What is not to like?

I’ve also started “John Adams” by David McCullough this evening. I just learned this was the book used to create the HBO mini-series on John Adams. Given my propensity to disdain all things popular I would have selected a different biography of Adams had I known this. Me thinks: great, I’m reading the Britney Spears of biographies.

Truth be told, I actually quite like the book so far. I have recently thought that it important to read about the founders of the United States. For several reasons really. These folks were wildly successful. I figure it could be inspiring. Also, it’s sure to be a nice underdog story and I’m a sucker for the underdog. Moreover, I’m tired of the recent wave of zealotry alleging the United States was founded a Christian nation. I’m curious how true this is and to what religious dogma the founders actually subscribed. Finally, I think when times are rough it’s wise to look back and get perspective.