Bush's Final F.U. : Rolling Stone

Temporale sul Canyon - Thunderstorm on the Canyon

The Bush Administration has been hurriedly cramming through last minute regulation changes in the form of executive orders.

…loaded firearms would be allowed in national parks, uranium mining would be permitted near the Grand Canyon and many injured consumers would no longer be able to sue negligent manufacturers in state courts. Other rules would gut the Endangered Species Act, open millions of acres of wild lands to mining, restrict access to birth control and put local cops to work spying for the federal government.

via Bush’s Final F.U. : Rolling Stone.

These executive orders focus squarely on benefiting the bottom line for Big Oil, Coal, Agriculture, Pharma and apparently anyone who has little concern for the well being of their workers. Read the full story and do a little research for yourself. Regardless of political affiliation it’s pretty appalling.