Movin’ on up!

We moved to new offices last weekend. Our last intergalactic HQ was woefully small for how large we’ve grown.

MindTouch Inter-Galactic HQPrevious MindTouch HQ at 555 West Beech St. San Diego 92103

In our last offices we did everything ourselves: networking, wiring, PBX (Trixbox) etc… It really showed.

MindTouch Beech St Offices

This is Sarah’s desk. Throughout the office cables
hung from the ceiling

In the “Fishbowl”, a conference room, we had a NAS device whirring so loudly you have to shout to be heard.


We had so many people packed into the 5th floor (main) office that for lack of space I was sharing a conference room with Mark as an office. We turned a storage closet into a conference room, hence the name “the closet”. And Roy was holding conference calls in the reception area daily. Worst of all, I’m a little embarrassed to report that we’ve had so many bodies packed into such a small place the place smelled a little funky. Or maybe is was our old fridge that stunk regardless of how much we cleaned it.

.Engineering had more space than any other department;
so, the above photo is not indicative of the tight confines.

Yesterday, Monday February 1, MindTouch moved to a new space, two block away from our last, in Columbia Center. It’s twice the size of our previous offices. To commemorate the occasion the sales and engineering team wore suits. I had meetings in San Mateo and missed the affair, but Roy shot some photos and posted them at his blog.

Max and RoyMaxim Mass and Roy Kim discussing pork futures.

gf1-p1010322[1]Tim O’Brien undoubtedly closing a new customer. 

The new office is located across the street from the W Hotel and is half a block from Carl Strauss. We’ll be hosting an office warming party in the near future. I’m looking forward to entertaining on our amazing patio.

MindTouch Intergalactic HQPhoto of the MindTouch offices taken from the patio. Above are the conference and training rooms.