Another podcast and my first RWW article

I was recently honored to speak with Alan Shimmel of NetworkWorld, which was recorded as a brief podcast. Alan writes here:

MindTouch is one open source company that has established itself as a leader in its market (enterprise collaboration), open source or not. They are also a great example of how to do open core right. Their MindTouch Core, free and open source edition has literally millions of people using it daily. Their commercially licensed versions likewise have millions of additional users as well. Now with their Technical Communications Suite (TCS), MindTouch wants to make it "mindless" to create web based technical documentation and technical communities.

The TCS is a great example of a company listening to its customers in how they are using and what they want to do with their product. MindTouch customers were using MindTouch to create online technical documentation and support communities. 

I encourage you to listen to the short podcast. We discuss technical communication, documentation, content strategy, open source and even briefly about software patents. Alan is a great guy to speak with and it’s been great seeing him quickly becoming one of the most relevant people covering open source.

Also, I had my first article published in ReadWriteWeb (RWW). I’m proud to be published in Forbes, Fortune and many other fine publications, but RWW is something I’m especially pleased by because it is has long been my favorite technology publication. My article is titled “What Do Online Documentation and Museums Have in Common?” I hope you’ll read it, tweet it, Facebook it, and comment on it.