Stolen and lost cameras

In March I left my camera in the seat back pocket of a Southwest airlines flight after helping an older woman with her bags. As soon as I got into the car to head to my appointment I realized my mistake and called Southwest. Alas, all they did was file a lost report and I assumed I would never see my camera again.

Then my co-worker, Mike, suggested I try out It’s elegantly simple. I drug and dropped a photo I took with my camera. The service pulled the metadata about my camera from the photo including the serial number. I filed a report of the details of where I lost it. Done. Then the service monitors photo sites for my camera.

About two months after losing my camera Southwest found it and returned it to me. I was shocked! I thought it was gone forever. Then after shooting for a couple weeks with my camera, and uploading photos to my Flickr account I got this email: 

Hi Aaron,

You created a missing camera report on our website on 1st May for an Olympus E-PL1.

We have found photos matching your lost camera that were taken since that date which are appearing on your Flickr stream.

Did you manage to get your camera back from Southwest Airlines? If so, would you like us to remove the missing camera report?

Kind regards,

Karen Cooper

Outstanding! Thanks Karen and StolenCameraFinder. You’re awesome.