Talent is Bullsh** and You’re not Special


There’s no talent here, this is hard work

Americans believe too much in talent. We are the “Michael Jordan Generation”. People think Jordan was inherently talented, but what most don’t realize is that Jordan simply WORKED HARDER than anyone else. Everyone is looking for an excuse or a shortcut.

Of course she’s better at that than me, it’s “genetics” or raw talent. The flipside of that coin is: I’m inherently talented, reward me because I showed up and wrote some sh** on the whiteboard.

Bullsh**. They’re better than you because they worked harder than you. It’s tough to realize you’re not special, I know, but it’s true. Moreover, just showing up and thinking you’re talented doesn’t earn you a ribbon. You have to actually work. And if you want a ribbon, you have to work harder than anyone else.

Ideas and “whiteboarding” aren’t work. That’s direction finding. Thinking about a route west is not the same thing as pioneering a path through the wilds to the goldfields of California. You have to actually put in the work and take the risks. You have to actually make the arduous journey. And when you arrive, you’ve just begun. That’s when the real work begins.

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