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Lunch With Anyone Alive Or Dead

Today I asked the family who they would select if they could have lunch with anyone alive or dead. Other than Tara’s response there weren’t any real surprises here.

Ashby: Taylor Swift

Roe: a secret agent spy man or ninja

Tara: Johnny Depp.
Really Tara?

Me: I went with the obvious and cliched Jesus. It was a toss up between him and Bodhidharma, but I figured Jesus could clear up a lot of questions for modern people about the Abrahamic religions.


What’s with the photo? Oh yeah, that’s Ashby after being whipped by Roe’s goggles. Sigh…

On Worms Laying Eggs

While putting Roe to bed I told him: “Stop eating your fingernails. It’s gross and you’ll get worms.”

I realize this is nonsense, but I’ve been trying to get my six year old to stop biting his nails and this scared me as a child when my Great Grandmother “Mango” told me it at about the same age Roe is currently.

Roe: “How would I get worms?”

Me: “Worm eggs.”

Roe: “Worms don’t lay eggs.”

Me: “Hard to argue with that.”

Roe returns to biting his nails while I read his book.

For the record, worms lay cocoons not eggs.


Mini-Maker Faire

Soap box cars at San Diego Mini Maker Faire SDMMF

This was taken at the San Diego Mini Maker Faire earlier this year. I showed up with kids right as it opened and it was already packed. San Diego is definitely ready for a full size Maker Faire.

The kids made soap box cars, played with robots, had fun learning about 3D printing and made up their own board game. We were there for two hours, but had to leave for a birthday party. We could have easily spent a couple more hours there. The kids loved it.


Just Another Sunday

Nice Chrome Extension

I stumbled upon this nice Chrome extension named “Momentum“. The intent is to keep you focused. 

Momentum:Chrome Extension

It’s really lovely and after a few days of use it has proven effective. Now if only I could have my Asana tasks viewable here. 

Dear Asana, please make an extension like this with an inspiring quote and photo along with the central focus for the day and top tasks in my Asana inbox…



  by Roebot
, a photo by Roebot on Flickr.

Roe and crew (sans Finn)

Untitled by Roebot
Untitled, a photo by Roebot on Flickr.


Parenting by Roebot
Parenting, a photo by Roebot on Flickr.

This is the face of parenting.

An intellectual

“An intellectual says a simple thing in a hard way. An artist says a hard thing in a simple way” – Bukowski


Untitled by Roebot
Untitled, a photo by Roebot on Flickr.