Infoworld Review of MindTouch Deki

Review: MindTouch cleverly packs wiki in a virtual appliance

MindTouch Deki
Availability: Now
Pricing: Free (five-user, unsupported); starts at $995 for supported version with advanced features.
Verdict: MindTouch Deki’s packaging as a VMware virtual appliance greatly reduces setup efforts and IT resources, while providing the security of in-house installation. As a business wiki, Deki’s also notable, providing easy page setup and editing, multiple collaboration features, and the possibility of integration with other enterprise systems because of its XML underpinning.

I should have posted this weeks ago but I didn’t think of it. Infoworld recently reviewed MindTouch Deki. We were supposed to be in the print publication along with a comparison of us against the competition, which I’m told was quite favorable, but some snafu happened because the editor didn’t get the updated version of the story until rather late. 😦 Anyway, thanks to Mike Heck for the review.

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