MindTouch Office Warming Post-Mortem

MindTouch’s office warming party was Friday, March 2. It was great fun meeting folks from around San Diego. We entertained at our office for about an hour and then headed out to the Princess Pub for pints. We finished the evening with dinner at Vincenzo. MaxM made some wicked White Russians at the office. I heard Damien say that he would unconscious after six of them. I think it would take considerably less than this. I want to thank everyone who came out and introduced themselves. It was great meeting members of the local tech community. I especially enjoyed meeting and chatting with Chris and Ted who both work at Eventful.

2 thoughts on “MindTouch Office Warming Post-Mortem

  1. Some of MindTouch’s employees were using that White Russian mix for coffee creamer today because Max used all the cream leaving us with nothing for our coffee. At least it was in the afternoon.

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