Morgan Hill, CA

I grew up in Morgan Hill, CA. It’s just south of San Jose. When I was a kid Morgan Hill was mostly orchards and fields. My family's home was nestled at the base of the Santa Cruz mountains just north of town. There were lots of plum orchards, grape vines, lettuce fields, and other agriculture. I just came across the following Morgan Hill public service announcement from 1938 that played at the old Granada movie theater.  Watch the video. It's about local businesses. The only business I think that's still in operation today is Guntner Brothers feed store. The business that stood out most to me was "Morgan Hill Sanitary Bakery". If I recall this put out of business  the "Morgan Hill Contaminated Bakery".

The last time I was in a theater with my father was at the Granada. It was "Ground Hog Day". Great movie. That was also the year I graduated from high school. Cool movie. Thanks a bunch to the dude who posted this on YouTube. Also, thanks a bunch to Stephen Musgrave & Tim Roach who are the two dudes who run the Live Oak Alumni Network, which is how I indirectly learned of this video.