Baby Loves Disco

Disco with Daddy.

I just had one of the most enjoyable weekends I can remember. I wasn't traveling. I even had an entire day with nothing planned. Most of all I just had a great time with my girls. San Diego is lovely as always. It's been in the 80s F for the last couple of days. On Sunday the family went to Baby Loves Disco. This is a national phenomenon that's now in over twenty cities. Hip night clubs are transformed for an afternoon into a child proof discoteque for toddlers, pre-schoolers and parents. It's a DJ spun affair with bubble machines, a play room, snacks, hair stylists, masseurs, and yes a full bar. It was…how shall I say…kick ass.


The event was held at Aubergine in the Gas Lamp, which ordinarily is a place far too hip for me to set foot in. In front of the club the velvet ropes that would normally wind the line of clubbers around the block instead formed a protective barrier for dozens and dozens of baby strollers. I can't believe I didn't take a photo of it. Tara, Ashby, and I were accompanied by Mitch, Magda, and Xander. Inside the club there were toys strewn about, several kid sized tents, books, silky sashes, and noise makers. We were in the front third of the club for the about forty-five minutes before we even realized this was only the play room and the disco dance floor was actually in the back of the establishment. I was stoked by the play room, but the disco floor provided even new wonders for Ashby and Xander. Bubble machines, a DJ, and a wall sized projection of wildlife. The place was packed and the event organizers seemed to have their hands full. There were several event sponsors. These included the The W Hotel, Metromint, Baby Legs, Rattle-N-Roll, and Black Wagon. Tara and I left the event with five or six pairs of Baby Legs, which were being used by almost the entire Aubergine staff as a fashion accessory. I almost bought some of these a few weeks ago off the website for Ashby. I'm glad I waited, free is better.

If you have a Baby Loves Disco being organized in your town and you have little ones, go. If there isn't one organized yet, start it.