The walls of Sitterson Hall

I was recently notified that I'm currently being honored with a photo in Sitterson Hall, which is the Computer Science building of my alma matter UNC Chapel Hill. You can see the photo to the right. I'm holding up one of our early DekiBox prototypes. This was before the front had a custom chrome bezel and before our primary focus was on MindTouch Deki the software appliance product. The photo was taken in September, 2006 at the DEMOFall conference. I'm really flattered by this. I've been in some newspapers and magazines, but nothing beats being on the wall of Sitterson Hall. A place I spent many many all-nighters sweating blood, studying, and writing code.  I'm not sure who suggested they put up a photo of me, but thanks to whoever it was. This is very cool.

4 thoughts on “The walls of Sitterson Hall

  1. i hope i can get my picture hung up in venable before they tear it down. that’ll show the chemistry department that i’m worthless!!!!!

    note to self: always pose with aaron in any picture relating to mindtouch, in the hopes that i can ride his coattails to fame

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