Just one word: Plastics

First plastic bags, now bottled water; San Francisco is certainly setting an example. Mayor Gavin Newsom signed an order this week banning the use of City funds to purchase single-serving bottled water. –San Francisco Mayor Bans the Bottle (TreeHugger)

Errrg…plastic bags need to be banned! Bottles too. It’s difficult to avoid plastic while shopping. I try to remember to bring my reusable bags. I often forget. I never mean to get plastic bags, but it’s automatic with the baggers. They default to plastic! I was at Ikea a couple weeks ago. They’ve implemented a bag tax. This is wonderful. No one was leaving Ikea with bags. Go San Fran. I wish San Diego were as forward thinking. I’m not in favor of legislating common sense, but it’s very difficult for me to avoid plastic bags. Perhaps a state bag tax is in order. Ultimately we tax payers will pay for the pollution anyway.