MindTouch DekiWiki "Hayes" Live Data Services

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This video is longer than the last, but I think you'll agree it’s worth the 20 minutes of your life. Live Data Services is one of the most exciting new features coming in the Hayes release. With Live Data Services DekiWiki's original goals are reaching fruition as a web framework for developing enterprise and social applications. Specifically one can register a webservice with DekiWiki, describe the new service in DekiWiki's services manager control panel, and thereby operate on external data as if it were local or extend DekiWiki with other applications and widgets. DekiWiki is now a social media aggregation platform, easily integrated with other applications and data stores, and very easy to extend with additional functionality.

This video is a screen capture; so, you’ll probably want to watch it in full-screen mode in order to be able to read the screen text clearly. To put the Viddler player into full-screen mode mouse over the player and you will see a command bar appear at the top of the player. Click the icon to the far right.

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