Goodbye LinkedIn. Hello Facebook.


The Jeff Pulver Blog: Goodbye LinkedIn. Hello Facebook.
This morning I made the decision to focus all of my professional business social networking contacts to be on Facebook. That means that I am no longer going to accept new LinkedIn requests. After spending the past few months using Facebook, I no longer see the value of LinkedIn. Why use a static site where the fun stops at the profile when there is a wealth of opportunity for vibrant interaction between users and groups of users on Facebook? And since I come from the world where “an introduction is an endorsement”, I wasn’t all that helpful most of the time when someone was trying to use me to connect to someone else on LinkedIn.

I’m with Pulver. Have you ever met a LinkedIn founder? D-I-C-K. Listen to these guys talk some time. “Your friends are your social capital for you to leverage, blah blah blah”. Please. Goodbye LinkedIn. I just got done inviting everyone to Facebook. Shouldn’t this be a message to any social network? It’s just a matter of time before Facebook falls too. I predict an Open Web in which the social network is baked into the fabric of our blogs, wikis, and personal home pages thanks partially to OpenID will eventually take down all these walled gardens. Until then, I’ll Facebook. Don’t bother requesting me at LinkedIn.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye LinkedIn. Hello Facebook.

  1. Until social networking nirvana is reached, I’m still pursuing LinkedIn *and* Facebook. But yes, especially now that Google has stepped in to flatten out the lumpy networks, it will be interesting to see how long LinkedIn stays around.

    The lack of ability to do much of anything on LinkedIn is annoying, although frankly, the ability to have way TOO MUCH going on at Facebook is equally annoying.


    BTW – if you want to hear some social capital stories, I did interview ex-founder Konstantin about 18 months ago on my blog. 🙂 And if you’re interested in the academic/scientific side, Linked, Six Degrees and Nexus are all GREAT reads.

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