There's a new boutique that opened downstairs of our building. I'm all about street level retail. It makes a downtown. However, in general, I don't dig the shi-shi boutiques for myself. However, these dudes are bad ass. The joint's called Facevalue. Check this post about throwing out your kids crocs for some Chucks. Must be inspired by Ashby because we had her in her Crocs when we went in. Well, we didn't throw out Ashby's celery crocs, which are replete with rubber spikes when her mother doesn't remove them, but we did add some bad ass pink Chucks to her wardrobe. Facevalue is "a boutique for all. Specializing in footware, accessories and apparel". My assessment, these guys rule. For the record, I wore Chucks almost exclusively from the 5th grade to 9th grade. At that time I could get them for $15 and no one wore them, but they were great skate shoes.

The dudes in Facevalue have reignited my interest in Converse. I saw this sweet pair of low cuts. The guys saw me eyeing them and said they were John Varvatos designed Jack Purcell's. Oh God, I thought, some lame overpaid American athlete inspiring jingoism and mindlessness. No, it's the  Badminton champ and a Detroit born minority designer. And they're cheap! Sweeet… I'll get them later. Facevalue is breaking me of my Birks only snobbism. If you're in Little Italy stop by the place.