LinuxWorld 2007

Pete, Corey and I attended LinuxWorld last week. A good time was had by all. I bumped into Ethan, the author of Nagios. It was good to see him again. I was surprised that given his recent modeling boon he doesn't yet have an entourage. Soon I'm sure. Stats

MindTouch had a booth in the Novell pavilion. As always we blew some minds with Deki Wiki and dropped some jaws. Traffic to the booth was great and we set another one-day record for downloads of Deki Wiki. Aside from the big spike we're now averaging around 500 downloads a day and still growing strong.

The show should have been called Novell-World. Novell was every where. I enjoyed re-connecting with Frank Rego and Josh. These guys are great. Also, I got a chance to meet Mattias, the PM for SLES. Seemed like a good guy. Much thanks to Novell for helping us to have a presence at LinuxWorld, you guys are wonderful.

Highlights. Well, meeting the dudes from OpenVZ was cool. Pete and I got a killer OpenVZ shirt. I'll Flickr a photo of it later. It has the commands for creating, status-ing, and taking down a VZ. Cool stuff. In general I did well on the tshirt front. I only made it to a couple sessions. I prefer to man the booth. As always, I really enjoy to folks about Deki Wiki. The best of those I attended was a talk on GPLv3 with a dude from the Software Freedom Law Center. I enjoyed meeting Robin Miller, and Peter Galli from eWeek whom I just happened into lunch with, reconnecting with Ross from and I was stoked to get a Debian shirt (etcha-sketch model). Pete was super enthusiastic about a couple VMware presentations. If only I had a shot at their IPO. 🙂 They have such a compelling technology.

Overall summary of LinuxWorld: more suits than I expected, but I'm really glad to have been there. How else would I have met Amazon's head of S3?