Valentine's Day

Tara and I celebrated a late V-day tonight. I know I’m supposed to say “Tara and me”, but I prefer to say “Tara and I” so piss off. We did a late V-day because getting a babysitter on V-day is challenging. I had a great time tonight, but the best part of V-day was taking Ashby out yesterday. Look at this:

Ashby Julia

And this:

Ashby Julia

Need I say more? Other than rainbow legs rule.

Ashby was so happy to go out for V-day with her daddy. She felt so special and pretty in her V-day outfit. I wish I could help her feel this way everyday until her last.

Tara and I took Ashby for some bangers and chips at Shakespeare’s pub. She was most pleased to be with her daddy in her heart outfit and sandals that Mi-Mi (grandma) supplied her. Tonight T and I went to a pleasant Lebanese restaurant and then went out for drinks. Ashby was with Michelle, our babysitter, whom she really loves. I just checked on her sleeping in her heart pajamas. So sweet…

2 thoughts on “Valentine's Day

  1. piss off roy… 😉 you’re interrupting me as I watch “Heros” on Netflix-In-Demand.

    I’m looking forward to you coming by tomorrow and seeing the fish tank you gave Ashby. “Roy fish. Roy fish.” 🙂

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