Enterprise 2.0 Implementation – Integrate Web 2.0 Services Into Your Enterprise

I’m not sure if I mentioned that I recently did some work with Jeremy Thomas and and Aaron Newman on a book for McGraw-Hill. I provided the technical editing. It was a lot of fun, informative, and I got paid. Heck yah! I guess this makes me an expert on Enterprise 2.0 or something.

I’m excited to see the book hit the stands and to read the final version. The book is really a fantastic resource that provides just the right mix of technical and high level information. It will prove highly useful to the IT and business reader alike.

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513lu2rmzdl_sl500_aa240_.jpgAaron Newman and I have been working for several months on putting an Enterprise 2.0 implementation guide together. Aaron Fulkerson, CEO of MindTouch, has been doing the tech editing for us. And we’ll have another all-star, Jevon MacDonald, doing the forward for us. This is my first book, and let me tell you the process is extensive. Figures and illustrations have to follow a special naming pattern, chapters have to meet pre-determined page counts, and the tone of the book has to be consistent (which is tough when you have two authors writing it). Aaron and I edited each other’s chapters as they were completed, then sent them on to Aaron F. for more editing.

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  1. For you I can imagine it would be painful and nerve-wracking. All I had to do was read it, state some opinions and make suggestions. 🙂

  2. Fun??? Hahahaha, its a great experience, but I’d stay away from calling this fun – sleepless nights, editing, re-editing, realizing the world changed in the last 6 months and now you have to rethink everything 🙂

    But still it was an awesome experience and working with the team I learned a bunch. My philosophy – the best way to become an expert is to write a book.

    PS. Congrats to your wife on the marathon!

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