Video from OSCON

MindTouch recently attended the OSCON open source software conference in Portland. Steve and I presented a session on open collaboration that was very well attended. MindTouch also celebrated the two year birthday of MindTouch Deki (since product release).

Here’s some video of Ted and I having fun at the Sun/MySQL/Zend party. Ted is great.

Unfortunately, I can’t find any video of me attacking the Sumo wrestlers in the full bunny suit, kicking their asses, and then stealig a tricycle from some guy. I’m still hoping video or photos will surface.

Here’s an interview of me from As usual it takes me the first few minutes to lighten up and be myself (about half way into the interview 😦 ).

Also of note, resulting from OSCON, a lot of press for MindTouch. And my new tattoo (no, not my first) courtesy of

New tattoo

A few people have commented on the commitment to MindTouch this represents…euh…no shit. To those of you who do not know this. I started the company with Steve back in 2005 and gestated the idea with him in late 2004. He and I helped create the design of the logo (Chris, wherever you are–great work). No the logo doesn’t have cross bones; this was my addition. Arrrg. MindTouch has absorbed an enormous amount of my time and energy in the last three years. It will undoubtedly continue to do so for a few more years. Hell yah I’ll ink that on my leg. Now I don’t have to wear stickers. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Video from OSCON

  1. Want to hear a funny story?
    I was searching Flickr for pictures to use commercially (although I’m not really going to use them commercially) to put into a Powerpoint slide that I’m constantly fiddling with these days and updating and so on. I initially searched for “disco dance” because I was looking for something to convey the sentiment that we need to, dare to, loose our perceived “control” of everything and trust in everybody more.

    I didn’t find any good picture so I did a search for “wiki” just for fun and a diagram showing the number of downloads of Deki popped up. Which seemed interesting. Clicked your profile and it laid me here.

    The reason I was searching for a disco dance/dance picture is because I’m currently spearheading a launch of Deki for a division of our company. If all goes well (which me thinks) I’m pretty sure we will be a paying customer next year.


  2. I like the hair cut! Nice tat also. I want to get more ink in mine so I can get my new one.

  3. You are definitely memorable. I think the next haircut should be a mohawk to seal the deal. Good hanging out last week I don’t know what shows more commitment wearing the bunny suit or getting the ink.

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