12.5 Miles Run, 11 Miles Biked

Kind of a slow running week. I over did my runs early on in the week and I‘ve had problems with my left calf and achilles tendon for most of this week. So, I took it easy on my feet and used my bike more than usual.

I ran 7 miles today. My pace time was 9:36 minute miles. Euh, not exactly what I had hoped for, but given my lack of running this week I’m ok with the performance. It was a nice run that circumvented Coranado. It rained off and on the entire time, which felt great.  My training this week:

Feb 7
Feb 8 Feb 9
Feb 10 Feb 11 Feb 12 Feb 13 Feb 14
7 miles OFF 40 min 45 min OFF 40 min OFF 8 miles
UPDATE: Tara brought to my attention she did this run with WC Roadrunners (same running club), but pushed Ashby in the stroller the whole distance. She did it in about 10 minutes longer time. Wow.

6 thoughts on “12.5 Miles Run, 11 Miles Biked

  1. There was a comment posted about my shoes from Marcos. I'm not sure where it went. My shoes were fit at San Diego Roadrunners. I run on roads. I think with some superfeet inserts, which I'm just finishing breaking in, I may see some improvements. My shoes are New Balance.

  2. Maybe problem is with your shoes. Where are you running? Road, concrete, off-road shoes are very important and they have to be chosen based on the surface where you run.

    Any way your training is great. Keep up.

  3. I like the way the way you record your weekly training and categorize it. I am quite a keen trail runner, usually run 4,5-5 min kilometers on trail depending on incline of course. Can't run at the moment as I tore a ligament in my ankle. So its back on my mountain bike for some super Cape Town / Table Mountain MTBike action!

    Keep up the training.

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