Gifts make me feel warm inside. Thank you Hannah for the slippers:

Rabbit With Big Pointy TeethAlso, thank you all for the stickers that now adorn my laptop (and the dozen in my backpack that will soon). And thank you all for the tshirts that have been mailed to me or left for me at the MindTouch booth during the Web 2.0 expo.

Gifts are good. 🙂 Feel free to mail more to:

555 West Beech St #501
San Diego CA, 92103

As always, you can email ErinL At MindTouch Dot Com your tshirt size and physical address and receive a MindTouch tshirt via mail. Sharing is good….

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  1. Hey I want a picture of Ashby’s demonic rabbit for my girls. I told them all about it and I keep forgetting to let you know to send me an image.


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