Parenting is awesome. Here is Ashby ne…

Parenting is awesome.

Here is Ashby near my office with a penguin she adopted that was meant for Roe and was given by Steve and Brigette. We were having a wonderful father – daughter Saturday a couple weeks ago.


Brother and big sis.

Ashby and Roe




Enjoy. đŸ™‚

3 thoughts on “Parenting is awesome. Here is Ashby ne…

  1. Tara and Aaron,
    You have beautiful children. I really enjoyed looking at the photos.

  2. LOL ! They are all good, but my favorite is the one labeled "Laaaaaadieeesss…."

    Very cool. Kids are awesome!

  3. These pictures are way too cute! Thanks so much for posting them. Grandie loves to see pictures.

    I love you all…

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