"It Is A Tumor"

Turns out I have a brain tumor. Don’t worry it’s benign. More specifically it’s a colloid cyst in the anterior aspect of the third ventricle. It was discovered in a cat-scan this week that I had done due to a bicycle accident.

Colloid cysts account for approximately 1% of all intracranial tumors and are the most common type of the neuroepithelial cysts, as well as the most common tumor in the third ventricle. Typically, patients are asymptomatic

So, you know, that’s good. In a sense I hit the brain tumor lottery because this type is only 1% of all tumors and is benign. YAY! However:

although colloid cysts may cause symptoms by obstructing the foramen of Monro, which results in sudden death in rare cases.

Euh…what? That’s less good. But I’ve learned:

Symptomatic cysts vary from 6 mm to 9 cm in diameter, but usually range from 1 to 3 cm.

Well, my particular cyst is only 3-4 mm. So, I’m in good shape. Although, initially I thought I was 3-4 CM (EEEK), which would make me far less comfortable.

You know how engineers like to name things? Well, I’m no different. I’m going to name this cyst. I’ll name it Craig for the most active guy in our developer community. Congratulations CRB!! I leave you with this:

13 thoughts on “"It Is A Tumor"

  1. Aaron Roe… this is your Mum. Why didn’t you let me know! Reading your blog sucks … finding out you were in an accident and then finding out you had a brain tumor/cyst. I’m your Mum!! I’m at Eric and Courtney’s. Had business in Raleigh.
    Love you

  2. Hi! I had surgery in 1986 to remove my colloid cyst. The doc decided to drain it instead because he felt it was to dangerous (because of the location) to remove it. Well, it filled back up almost immediatly and I have had it ever since with no problems (finger crossed). Will you be having surgery or just wait and see…


  3. LOL, it’s not a big deal. It’s just a little tumor named Craig. 🙂 The Doc says not to worry about it. Of course, he actually said: “I’m not a neurologist, but I wouldn’t worry about it.” LOL. Seriously though, it’s seems to be no big deal. Please don’t let my humor freak anyone out.

  4. Hey! It’s probably not too PC to say glad to hear you had a bike accident…..but….glad to hear you had a bike accident. Wishing you the best and uh, hi Craig?

  5. OK, that’s it, I officially quit, shirt or no shirt. You’re on your own. 😉

    (Well, you’ll never be on your own with Craig.. are you planning on having Craig removed? 😉

  6. Whoa and Wow and stuff…I’m confident you will live life to the fullest no matter what possibly comes your way, and this nonchalant post proves it. Crazy times, buddy!

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