Flip Video, A Health Care Aid

Roesevelt has been ill.  I don’t feel like relating the entire tale. Suffice it to say he has a milk protein allergy, GERD and/or maybe TEF (nothing contagious). We are still trying to figure it all out and it has been very troubling to the entire family. I have tried to focus on work and other things to distract myself from worrying. His symptoms include a loss of appetite, wheezing and a hacking cough. Poor boy. He’s such a happy fellow even when he feels like crap.


One of the reasons Roe was diagnosed early is because his enterprising mother (Tara, featured above) used our Flip Video to record him while he was exhibiting symptoms late at night. Today the Flip Video again improved Roe’s healthcare.

Often when Tara, or I, go to the pediatrician we have many questions or pertinent information for the other to ask or share. In the hustle to get out the door with the distraction of children it is often difficult for either of us to remember. Before I left for work, at Tara’s request, I recorded a short 20 second video on our Flip with my questions. Tara watched the video, but as I too often do, she had forgotten a couple of my questions. Yay Flip! She had it with her at Dr. Gerber’s office and shared the video with him. 🙂

By the way, Dr. Gerber is  our wonderful pediatrician. I highly recommend him. He is at Scripps Medical in Hillcrest. He is very thorough, never rushed, always takes the time with us in the office and is happy to call us after hours to answer questions. Many of Tara’s mom friends take their children to Dr. Gerber as well. They all love him and think he’s a handsome fellow. So, if you’re looking for a pediatrician in San Diego….