Magic Carpet

I wrote this week at the MindTouch blog about the success of MindTouch and I provided a brief summary of how MindTouch is defying the recession.

MindTouch Growth by Quarter

Yes, this is the real revenue graph for MindTouch. I know what you’re thinking: What happened in Q2 2008? 🙂 Good question. I will get to this in a moment. There is a lot to learn from this graph like this. Beginning with MindTouch investing the first year solely in creating an install base and developer community. The first thing we launched was our developer community (July, 2006 at OSCON) and for the first year MindTouch did not bother trying to sell anything. We did manage to generate a surprising amount of revenue selling support without having a formal product in place and we began formally selling support subscriptions near the end of 2007. By the end of Q1 2008 MindTouch software was being distributed about 5,000 times a day and we turned our attention toward building the business. In Q2 2008 we began experimenting with a commercial edition.

via Open Source Magic Carpet Defies Recession | MindTouch, Inc Blog.

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