Camping, Mt. Laguna in Cleveland National Forest

I went camping with the family this weekend at in the Laguna Mountains in the Cleveland National Forest. We stayed at the El Prado Campground. This is about an hour drive from downtown San Diego just past Alpine, CA. I often use for booking our campsites; however, I just figured out includes both federal and state parks. Both sites would benefit greatly from a Collaborative Network that would allow visitors to share information, video and images of sites. For me it is always difficult to decide on a campground because I just don’t know what to expect without speaking with someone that has been there. I once took the family to a campsite north of Morro Bay after booking it at Reserve America only to discover it was not more than a parking lot near a coal burning power plant. Granted it was near the beach and you could see Morro Rock, but the campsite was really awful.

Ashby loves ring pops

Ashby loves camping and this was Roesevelt’s first camping trip. We had a nice shaded campsite, but it was 98 F when arrived. It really didn’t seem that hot though. In the evening the temperature dropped to a pleasant high 60s F.

Ashby and Roesevelt

The Laguna Mountains are gorgeous. I am told there is a really nice trail that runs through some mountain meadows that starts at the El Prado campground. If it were not so hot we could have gone on some hikes, but with Roesevelt being so young and the trails near our campsite having so little shade it was not feasible. 

Cleveland National Forest

Friends Tara knows from Stroller Strides, Christy and Steve, joined us and brought their children, Wade and Olivia. Wade, who is almost two, apparently enjoys running on streets as he would frequently make a run for it down the road. The kids had a great time and so too did we adults after the kids retired for the evening.

Tara Boone Fulkerson

Christy and Steve have a pop up camper that sports three beds, a sink and stove.  It is fantastic. They tow it behind. Park it. Crank up the pop-up and VOILA they have a comfortable camp home for them and their kids. Tara assures me she would be willing to camp more frequently with such a contraption. I think we need to get one.

I find it amusing to reminiscent on my years of camping in Northern Minnesota with a canvas sack, sleeping bag and a tarp. How we change after children….

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