Georgetown Dog Pile

I was in DC last week where I was attending a work related conference titled Gov 2.0 Summit. Before leaving home I asked Ashby, my daughter, to help mommy because Roesevelt, my son, was sick. Tara called me and told me she had been especially helpful and that Ashby had told her she was helping so much because “daddy asked me to help you because Roe is sick.” So cute. I had to pick her up something.

Before going to the airport to return home I stopped by Georgetown to buy Ashby something fun to reward her. I happened upon a shop lifter casually walking away from a shop keeper after apparently having stolen from his shop. The shop keeper attempted to stop her by insisting she stop as he followed her down the sidewalk while, I’m assuming, he hurriedly tried to reach the police on his mobile phone. She ignored his demands and continued her brisk stroll.

The shop keeper attempted to wrestle the stolen merchandise from the woman. A scuffle ensued that soon involved three women wrestling the unlucky shop keeper to the ground. It seemed they were all in cahoots. I only photographed two of the women wrestling the shopkeeper because the third actually left her one year old child, in the stroller, in the road. Albeit near the curb, but still in the road. Realizing where the kid was, sadly, kept me from photographing the dog pile on the hapless shop keeper as I was busy worrying that a car may hit the kid. 


As for Ashby, she got two hair barrettes and an Obama tshirt. She says the Obama tshirt is a boy’s shirt and she is not fond of it. She is very girly. 🙂

Anyway, Georgetown is a beautiful part of the city.

2 thoughts on “Georgetown Dog Pile

  1. Wow, that must have been exciting. I never get exciting things like that in my life. LOL

    It was thoughtful of you though to keep an eye on the child.

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