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I was recently on TWiT.tv: FLOSS Weekly with Randal Schwartz, Jono Bacon, and Leo Laporte. Download MP3 file | Shownotes

All three of these people (and Dane) are wonderful people I thoroughly enjoy speaking (and drinking) with. 🙂

Visit the FLOSS Weekly Episode 89 show page to stream the episode in a click. You may also subscribe to the show in your preferred podcast or RSS client, which you should because it’s an awesome show.

I really enjoy podcasting. I’d like to participate regularly in a podcast(s). If any readers have a podcast that you think I would find relevant to my areas of expertise please let me know. Or if you have an idea of a podcast you would like to start, ping me about this too. I wouldn’t mind starting a new podcast if 1. it were on topics I’m interested in and 2. I didn’t have to worry about any of the infrastructure for supporting it.

MindTouchers Steve and Arne have a fantastic podcast on concurrency called: ‘Concurrent Podcast’. Here is their schedule:

Topic Status
Lock vs. Lock-Free
The good, bad and ugly of locks; how to avoid them; and when lock-free data structures might just be the ticket.
Why Async matters
Why should you care about asynchronous programming patterns in your daily programming?
Coroutines in C#
How to write asynchronous code in a synchronous style.  Benefits and dangers of using the iterator pattern for async methods.
Grand Central Dispatch
Apples introduced a new paradigm for concurrent programming in OS X Snow Leopard.  Join us in this podcast to learn what it is, how it works, and how it compares to other implementations.

I encourage you to subscribe and listen to it.

2 thoughts on “On FLOSS Weekly

  1. Seriously?

    You have two issues to making a podcast.

    People (sounds like it’s you).


    For the latter, you could use libsyn. At $5/month for their low plan, anything is possible.

    1. I know the infrastructure is simple. It’s more a matter of me not having the ability to devote the time to getting everything setup, editing audio when necessary and managing all that busy work stuff. Also, it’s only fun with other people. Just by myself with be boring and lame. I hope you’ll have me back soon. Perhaps we can discuss a broader range of topics.

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