Lincoln, Nebraska

On the road to California the food is bad, the cold is worse, and Ashby is cool as ever. Tara, Ashby, and I got on the road late this morning. The temperature, with wind chill, was well below zero. Re-packing the car was a chore in the bitter cold. I don’t know how I could have ever fit everything were it not for the Yakima Skybox. That thing rules! Here’s a shot of our vehicle that was taken later in the day in Iowa.


Notice the "Baby on Board" sign and UNC ram that was supplied by Roy. Tara got the "Baby on Board" sign to deter people from road raging around her. I’m not sure the sign effective is with road ragers. However, It’s been my experience that there are a couple signs you can place on your vehicle that will deter police from ticketing you, no not the UNC ram, but:: 1). "I love Jesus" 2). "Baby on Board". Don’t ask me why, but both have worked for me.

We got on the road at 10:34 AM CST. We made it to Iowa about an hour and a half later. Tara and I stopped for lunch about an hour out of Des Moines at a fancy roadside diner and gas station. It was so bloody cold I had to pry the car’s gas tank flap open with my knife. Although we didn’t eat the buffet, I did shoot a photo of it. Fabulous. The highlight of our meal was when Tara asked the waitress (photo below) if she enjoyed the salads the diner served. Something tells me this server mostly enjoyed the buffet.

P1040275 P1040277
P1040282 P1040281
P1040273 P1040276

Kansas may be flatter than a pancake, but Nebraska, I suspect, is at least as flat as one.

P1040302 P1040300
P1040296 P1040295

I’m currently writing this from a hotel in Lincoln, Nebraska. I’ve driven by Lincoln several times before, but I’ve never actually been in the town, until now. It’s clean. And what little I’ve seen of the city it seems strangely new. Lincoln is the capital of Nebraska and has a population of 250,000, the main industry is insurance. Odd, insurance. We’ll hit the road very early in the morning and will make Denver, Colorado tomorrow.

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  1. Hi kids…
    Well I just did a post but didn’t answer the question below so have no idea if the post went through. Sounds like the road trip is fun. Glad you didn’t eat the buffet. Your Grandma Chrisope’s father, Guy Earnest Fouts, was born in Lincoln, NB and came to norther California in a covered wagon. Thought you might like to know that little tidbit.

    Don’t drive faster than your guardian angel can fly!!
    Love you all,

  2. A group of scientist proved through electron microscopy that Kansas was in fact flatter than a pancake.

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