Glenwood Springs, Colorado

With Nebraska behind us we lunched in Sterling, Colorado and spent the night in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Sterling is a town of 1,500, which according to the waitress has "boomed" in the last several years since the state penitentiary opened. It’s in the high desert plains about an hour or more out of Denver. We ate at the closest restaurant to the highway, which happened to be a Country Kitchen. The service was good as the waitresses, like so many people, were enamored with Ashby. The food was what you would expect from a Country Kitchen, which is to say: poopy.

Tara and I sped through Denver and headed into the mountains. This was why I chose this route rather than heading south and cutting across on 40. The route is spectacularly picturesque. We got into Glenwood Springs a little after 6 PM MST and stayed at the Ramada Inn, which was probably pretty nice twenty years ago. We dined at Tequilas, which makes a mean margarita and had some pretty good mexican food. Tara and I have finally learned that kids meals are easily the size of a reasonable adult portion.

I really wanted to stick around for another day in Glenwood Springs and check out the hot springs, but duty called and I needed to be in San Diego by Wednesday so I could make the Content Week conference on Thursday. It’s small and probably a waste of my time, but it’s local and we should be there representing.

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